Woman Charged For Helping Chinese Women Give Birth In America

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United States of America authorities have arrested a woman known as Donyuan Li who was operating under a business known as “You Win USA.” With her business, she helped Chinese pregnant women give birth in the United States so that they could benefit from American citizenship including an adult merchant account.

It has been revealed that the businesswoman has been in business for the past two years and she has bagged thousands of dollars from it. It was also confirmed that every expectant woman was to pay between $40,000 and $80,000 to be in California. Once they were in California, they would stay in an apartment and give birth.

Li is among the 20 people who have been charged with a similar crime of birth tourism business. This business has brought in hundreds of pregnant women without the United States government attention.

Besides Li being arrested, some others were also arrested. Jing Dong and Micheal Wei who are 42 years old and 53 years old were also arrested.

All three defendants tried to plead that they were innocent. They were charged with visa fraud and money laundering, and conspiracy. This was a report issued by a spokesperson working in the United States Attorney’s office. Trials for the three will be heard on the 26th day of March. Prosecutors also revealed that more than 12 more were also involved, but they had flea back to China.

It is not legal to travel to the United States while pregnant, but the authorities claimed that the business was aimed at getting the benefits the children born in the United States get like getting a free public education. After these children were settled, they were capable of helping their parents migrate to the U.S.

In most cases, the expectant mothers would hide their pregnancies while applying for their visas. Most of them even lied so that their plans couldn’t be known. One of the people caught revealed that she was traveling to the United States to visit Hawaii hotel.

The authorities said that such a business wasn’t just illegal, but also exposed the country to national security risk. They said that some of their customers working for the Chinese government got American citizenship for their kids, then help their parents secure green cards once they obtain the age of 21.

Mark Zito stated that such an incident was a grave matter that needed to be acted upon as fast as possible. Questions remain answered. Mark Zito feels that some of these people are escaping from their countries because they think the United States are a bit stable.

Final Thoughts

The truth is that it’s a criminal offense to obtain citizenship in another country through fraudulent means. It’s something that no country would accept. That said, the United States authorities are right to take action.

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