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Menopause usually occurs in women between 45-55 years old and indicates when a woman is no longer fertile. Several years before woman reaches menopause they may experience the following menopause symptoms: Hot flushes, Mild Incontinence, Changes in Appearance, Sexual Changes, Irregular Periods, Psychological Signs, Sleeping Problems and Other Symptoms.

Treatment focuses on relieving the symptoms. Academy Laser Clinics offer the Mona Lisa Touch treatment for vaginal atrophy. This laser treatment helps the vaginal wall’s tissue to naturally regenerate preventing long term hormone or prescription drugs treatment.


The treatment starts with an initial doctor consultation to discuss the patient’s symptoms and concerns, an examination to ensure the patient is suitable for the treatment and an up to date pap smear result. If suitable the patient may begin the treatment straight after the consultation.

The treatment takes 15 minutes. During this quick and simple treatment, the patient’s vagina is dried and a probe is gently inserted into the vaginal canal. The first laser treatment may be slightly uncomfortable as there is a mild vibrating sensation but following treatments should be more comfortable. For the best results patients may require 4-5 sessions.


The results vary from patient to patient but are generally very good. Some patients see an improvement within days but are usually more noticeable after a few weeks and continue to improve for 6 months. Relief lasts between 12-18 months. Patients may need a top up treatment every one to two years.



CALIBRE offers a male enlargement procedure with instant results and without surgery. This virtually pain free treatment is ideal for the busy man who wants to enhance their penis with no pain and no down time.

The treatment, which uses dermal fillers, produces a noticeable increase in the girth of the penis. The increase lasts for 12 months, to maintain the size, most patients will want a top-up of 5-10 ml every 18-24 months.

The results are immediate and long lasting enabling patients to carry on with their day straight after treatment.


The procedure begins with a confidential doctor consultation, enabling the patient to ask any questions and voice any concerns as well as enabling the doctor to manage realistic expectation.

Before the treatment there are a few preparation steps: avoid blood thinning and anti inflammatory medications, trim pubic hair 3-4 days before the treatment, application of numbing cream.

Patients need to arrive 15 minutes before their treatment time. Performed as an in-clinic procedure the medical technique takes about an hour and involves injecting dermal fillers below the penile skin and is designed to increase erect and flaccid penis girth.

The quantity of filler injected is unique to the patient and is discussed and explained during the confidential consultation. The injection program is usually split over 1-3 sessions usually 2-4 weeks apart.

After the procedure the filler is workable for about 2 weeks. During this time, smooth out any lumps, bumps or irregularities.  After this time the fillers are naturally absorbed into the penile tissue and broken down over a period of 18-24 months or longer.


The results are immediate, patients may experience some tenderness and with no down time following the procedure most patients can resume normal daily activities straight away.

Patients are recommended to follow the post-care carefully and are advised to keep the area clean for a week, avoid sexual activity for 5 days, shower daily and after exercise, and take any prescribed medications.



Perth’s leading cosmetic surgeons at Academy Face and Body offer the latest in cosmetic surgery. Delivering a wide range of cosmetic and facial plastic surgery as well as non surgical options for both aesthetic and medical treatments. The comprehensive procedures include facelift, mini facelift, neck lift, endoscopic brow lift, liposuction, chin implants, cheek implants, septoplasty, thread lifts, gynaecomastia, rhinoplasty nose job, otoplasty (ear reshaping), scarless mole removal, blepharoplasty eye lift surgery, double chin and brachioplasty or upper arm lift.


Dr Oates is the primary cosmetic surgeon at academy Face and Body. Highly trained around the World as well as the elected president of the Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery in 2005, this renown cosmetic surgeon provides excellent treatments.

Following a thorough consultation, the treatment to explain the procedure, recovery time and follow up care. The surgery uses state of the art procedures which can be performed under twilight sedation or general anaesthetic and is performed by a specialist cosmetic surgeon who works exclusively in the area of facial cosmetic surgery.


The wide range of cosmetic treatments offered at Academy Face and Body have had wonderful results and the company is the recipient of the industry MFMB Winners 2016 National Best Customer Experience.

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